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Brand Story

KHADI is dully licensed by the Ayush Department, Government of India. It offers high-quality vegan skincare using organic, Ayurvedic Cosmetics based on essential oils and Extracts in the market.

Khadi Organique is a fusion of Khadi and Organique, that strongly believes is to bring pure and simple living to every Indian household.

It is bifurcated into various segments based on their usages, such as bath, body, hair care products, skincare range, massage creams, Facial kits, and Essential oils. We are leads by a team of professionals and are always esteeming to meet the needs of our clients.

The philosophy at Khadi Organique has always been to develop the products by using aromatherapy principles. Khadi Organique brand products have exotic refreshing aroma and work effectively without any harsh adverse chemical reactions.
The Khadi Organique has recently developed a unique proactive skincare line that uses proven essential oils and vitamin complex in developing products. Leaving footprints across the globe Khadi Organique has a global presence manufacturing, exporting and supplying products all over India and across the borders. With a pan India network of more than 15 authorized distributors and dealers, we serve and facilitate our customers across 10 states and 5 countries worldwide which include the whole of Europe, Russia, UAE, Singapore & USA to celebrate and rejoice in the spirit of Khadi.

Our products are 100% Biodegradable and environmentally safe. We use natural Essential Oils and also sell scent-free products.

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Jstor products from Jstor House of Cosmetics are authentic & innovative and are made from Indian herbs, shrubs, fruits, nuts, oils, etc. They are meant for everyday use and are manufactured using modern technology, advanced techniques & are in compliance with industry norms & standards when it comes to retaining the healing & intrinsic properties of the ingredients while also ensuring good hygiene & sanitization. Stringent supervision by qualified Doctors and Chemists ensures we deliver authentic products that meet the compliance norms of WHO, GMP, and ISO certification.